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Increase Your Home Value With These Three Renovations

When renovating to increase your home’s value, one needs to take a strategic approach. Keep in mind that not all renovations you make will add value to your house. Maximizing the value of your home through renovations can be a fun and creative way to bring your home to life. Here are 3 renovations that will most likely increase the value of your home:

Replacing Flooring In A Home Adds Value

The floors in your house play a large role when assessing the value of your home. There’s a difference in laminate, hardwood, and tile. Each one comes with its own range of value. Installing new floors or resurfacing existing flooring can increase the value of your home. Traditionally hardwood floors will bring the most value. If you already have hardwood floors in your home, resurfacing them to get rid of any noticeable dings or scratches will pay off later down the road. Studies have shown, people are more attracted and willing to purchase a home with hardwood floors than any other flooring.

Bathroom Renovations Bring Great Value

Bathroom renovations typically have a higher ROI than other renovations. Tile flooring is a must have in the bathroom when looking to add a little extra value. Other bathroom flooring, such as linoleum is hardly worth time it takes to install it. It is easily damaged and can allow water to seep into the under-flooring, which can really cause serious damage over time. If you already have tile flooring in the bathroom, make sure there are no cracked or broken pieces, if so, you don’t have to pull up the whole floor. Tile flooring you can address the pieces that need it and repair only what needs to be fixed. Updating the vanity in the bathroom can not only be visually appealing, but could also add value to your home. Unused areas in the home are considered dead space and can be perfect for adding a small bathroom with only a toilet and sink. If there is enough space in that small area, you can go with a 3-piece bathroom, consisting of a toilet, sink, and shower. Also, you can increase the visual size of a small bathroom by adding a glass door to the shower, it will make the room appear larger than it is.

Consider Remodeling Your Kitchen To Increase A Home’s Value

One of the biggest factors when assessing the value of your home is the kitchen. Kitchens are among one of the most used rooms in the entire house. Upgrading to a more modern-style kitchen can greatly increase the value of your home. Switch out the old sink with stains, basic oven, and refrigerator with all stainless steel will make your kitchen appear clean and updated. From time to time, counter-tops can incur minor scuffs and scratches and bringing in new counter-tops to help accent those stainless steel appliances can really set this room apart.

Renovations Build Lasting Value For The Future

With a few renovations, your home’s value can increase dramatically. Touching up the bathroom, kitchen and addressing any issues with the flooring are known ways that are most likely to increase your home’s value. For more information and tips on increasing your home’s value, call at 514-928-1656 or email to or visit