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Selling Your Home With Team Yvan Gamache

Selling your home comes with its share of responsibilities, it’s not as simple as putting up a sign and showing it off to visitors – there’s quite a bit that goes on before and after you’ve sold your home and Yvan Gamache and his team can help you along the whole way.

Common Mistakes

We’ve all put love, sweat and money into our homes so when comes time to putting a price on it, our perceived value versus the actual value might be different. Don’t forget, a price that’s too high might keep buyers away and keep your property on the market unnecessarily too long. As a real estate broker with a solid experience as an evaluator, Yvan Gamache will help you determine the right price for your home while considering various factors such as the building’s condition, the year of construction, interior and exterior details, and so forth.

Showcasing Your Home

Sprucing up your home is a great idea before putting it up for sale. There might be some small renovations to do, a bit of paint or landscaping. Tackling excess furniture or putting some things into storage will also help to show the best of your home to potential buyers. If you’re wondering if it’s worth investing in staging your home, the answer is yes. Real estate professionals will all tell you: a welcoming home will always catch the buyers’ eyes. If you’re not too sure where to start, Yvan Gamache and his team will have great tips for you on what are the most advantageous renovations to make in order to get the best return on investment.

Marketing your home adequately is also key to selling quickly. Take in consideration the buyers who might be interested in a home like yours; a young family, an older couple or maybe a single person? The Montreal market offers a variety of options where you can post your property but to take full advantage of a powerful network, Yvan Gamache and his team will help you get your property on the market to the right buyers.

Open Your Home

As soon as you put your home up for sale, you can expect requests for visits to start shortly after. Your real estate broker will help you organize these visits according to your schedule and they’ll eve take in hand planning open house visits on weekends. There are many curious potential buyers that will come and have a look but you’ll also get the odd neighbour and even the competitive sellers spying and comparing. We’ve all done it.

Please Sign Here

At one point, you’ll get an offer. You may want to negotiate the details, your broker will help out with that, you might refuse or you might accept but if all goes well, you’ll make it to a Promise to Purchase, one step closer to selling your home. The buyers will have based their offer on various factors like comparables, an inspection and the market. With the help of your broker you’ll be able to evaluate the offer and determine if it suits you or not.

Then comes the legal forms, financing, visits to the notary and so many forms to sign. Your broker will help you demystify these forms and make sure you understanding exactly what’s happening. They have the professional obligation to ensure you’re fully informed.

Being well accompanied throughout the selling process will help take part of the stress away and allow you to concentrate on the next steps like finding your new home, and planning your move. Yvan Gamache and his team will be there throughout the whole process and they can even help you find your next dream home.